About two years ago renowned celebrities Ann-Margaret, Clint Eastwood, Pamela Anderson and Drew Carey introduced in the arena of online casino. Last year with the present of several celebrities a program "Soul Train" was showed. In this year the casino industry will see the largest show.

Entertainment facilities:

The declining feature of the star power of the global gaming expo clearly signs that it is needed more thoughtful future to bolster the theme of gambling. This also clarifies the future of online gambling.

The recent trend of online casino has become changed and the manager and the owner should be concern about the entertainment of the gamer and for doing this the entire casino owner should be concern about the proper entertainment facilities to get the best feedback from their casino.

The present trend apparently indicates the proper entertainment facility in the online casino besides the gambling. Movie show, television and sometimes celebrities appearance really makes the casino more attractive for the gamer.

Chief executive of Bally technologies Richard had drill told that it needs a lot of cost to maintain all these facilities. But such types of facilities attract more players toward those casinos. The general casinos don't want to pay for such type of facilities and most of them think that it has less importance.

Slot machine technology

The largest slot maker international game technology are showing the array of theme and in this week they released the latest version named "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" slots. It is true that only a few themes will survive in the array of lot of themes. Wheel of fortune is one that may survive for a lot of time. This is considered as the most profitable and popular slot machine. Playboy is produced by bally technologies and monopoly is produced by WMS. It has become more popular over the world and it is also popular in local area also.

Really proper entertainment is needed in the entire casino to attract the gamer and it gives pleasure to all the casino loving people throughout the world. The casino owner should be concern about the entertainment facility of the casino.