Slot games, type of gambling games that involves using a slot machine or in other words fruit machine, poker machine or just slot, is more known as one-armed bandit. The name originates from the lever that initially was located on the side of the machine and used to operate the machine, in addition its name was connected with the possibility that this "one-armed" machine could leave one penniless. Slot games are the most profitable types of gambling games that earn approximately 70% of casinos incomes.

Historical background

Charles Fey invented a simple mechanism that became the base for up today slot machine in 1887 and his idea was developed in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt in Brooklyn. Since then one-armed machine captured most of the bars, pubs and saloons in the cities. However, the machine did not have direct payout device, so the prize depended on what was offered by the establishment. The range could include either beer or cigars, or drinks. With the time passing by the mechanism of fruit machine changed. So did the prize, fortunately.

So what are the main principles of slot games?

The process of playing slot games have nothing to do with player's skills, it is just a matter of fortune. In order to buy the right to play the gambler inserts coins, cash or a paper ticket with barcode into specially made slot on the machine. Then, the player, using a lever or a button, activates the slot, where mechanical reels after spinning stop and open several symbols, or simulated reels show them on the screen. The point of the game is to win money due to matching of several slot symbols.

As symbols there were used originally hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes and a Liberty Bell, however, nowadays anything can be taken as a symbol starting from fruit to pictures of famous people. Every machine has a pay table which contains the list of award that a player will get in case the symbols match. There are wild symbols, that independently from the order they appear, bring the winning.

What is the chance to win?

Despite the slot games being a matter of chance, there is a system that increases the chance of players to win. It means that all slot machines are programmed to pay out as reward 75% to 98% of the money that the gamer spent; e.g. Australian pokies' payout fluctuates from 90% to 93%. It is called also the "theoretical payout percentage" or "return to player". The payout percentage is determined when the software is set and it is impossible to change it hereafter.

Different slots in different countries

Undoubtedly, after inventing of internet slot casinos appeared, moreover, slot machines vary according to gambling tradition in each country and have some special peculiarities. Here are some of them:

  • United States are famous for variations of slot machines according to each state. They are classified as "Class III" and "Class II"
  • In Australia "poker machine" has extra bonus and second-screen features
  • In United Kingdom there are several categories: A, B, C
  • In Japan slots, called as pachisuro or pachislo, are a new conception that is getting popularity.