If it comes to symbols it is important to mention that they are tired to the theme of the game. It could be an old west theme with sheriff's badge and cowboy or Aladdin theme with princess Jasmine and monkey. There are plenty of symbols in a slot machine that are either related to normal game or give particular advantages to a player. It should be mentioned that symbols differ from each other in different countries, e.g. Australian pokies offer special range of slot symbols. In order to get the highest chance to win the prize one should be aware of symbol types. The most widespread types of symbols include scatter, wild and bonus symbols.

Pros and Cons of Scatter Symbols

One main characteristic feature of scatter symbols is that it is important they don't appear on an active pay line if one desires to win. The second one is that, unfortunately, it cannot be replaced by wild symbols. And it is necessary to remember that this type of symbols multiplies the total bet not only the bet line. On the payout table there can be found a list that shows how many scatter symbols how much money can bring to the winner. Ordinary it is 3 or more scatter symbols appeared in any order on the virtual reels that pay out.

Do you want to win a large cash prize? Wild Symbols will help you

The main benefit of this type of symbols is its ability to replace any symbol on the drum in order to complete a winning combination. For instance, if the winning combination is 3 cherries and there are 2 cherries and 1 banana a wild symbol replaces the symbol of banana and the payout is paid. However, wild symbols not always can become any symbols it depends on the theme of a slot. Another major advantage of wild symbols is that they can multiply payouts. On the other hand this opportunity is not given on every slot.

Bonus Symbols' Peculiarities

Bonus symbols give to a player the chance to start bonus slot game that occurs within the normal game. A gamer using the opportunity to play a bonus game can increase his winning.