Although cheating at slot games is a risky business and is prosecuted at law there are several ways to steal money from slots machine. It is interesting that despite the high level of security measures taken by owners of casinos including surveillance cameras; more than 97.1% of slot cheaters get away with the crime.

The situation differs from online casino slots, luckily. It happens mainly because all cameras point at entries, cage, tables and it is mostly impossible to watch more than 5000 slots machines at the same moment all the time. Cheats using blind spots with the help of modern technologies can take out up to $350 in under 6 minutes.

Genius of Slot Cheating

Tommy Glenn Carmichael, who is considered to be the most successful cheater, invented "slider" or "monkey paw" which triggered the machine's payout mechanism. After the device was uncovered Tommy Glenn created a device in the shape of a tongue which added credits. As a result the inventor was taken to the prison and nowadays works on anti-cheating devices.

Modern Technologies Help to Cheat

With the development of modern technologies mini-lights appeared. This device with a battery at one end and a light emitter at the other end makes the machine blind. Consequently, the slot is unable to decide the right sum of winning and gives extra coins.

Old but effective methods

Counterfeit coins and tokens were vastly used recently and could play a machine for free dominations. However, there are advanced defensive devices against counterfeit coins and tokens. Sometimes a coin is tied to a strip and drop in the slot after what was pulled out. Nowadays this type of cheating is disappearing as in the near future players will be offered to use their credit card to check in and out.

Cheating for Those with Actor Flair

Another type of cheating is to play a dram. After a jackpot is won the winner in certain cases leave the casino. The cheater who is watching such situation comes up to the slot that has won and affirms that the slot doesn't pay award despite the winning combination.

Self-confident Strategy

In the past cheats with the help of an inside man had the opportunity to put flaws into machine before it was delivered. Indeed, it was important to be a programmer to choose this strategy. But if successful it brought payout after pushing the buttons in certain order.